It’s been awhile…

Well hello there friends. It’s been some time since I’ve posted. And I wish I had a better excuse. But it’s just been hectic plain and simple. But let’s see if I can atleast get an update posted for now and see what happens then! Little Miss Button is quite a little lady these days. She loves dressing up, dancing and listening to music. She has just discovered coloring with crayons, which is quite exciting. And she’ll make a mark on paper and then say “Ohhh.” It’s magical. I’ve gone back to work and for the most part am able to work remotely which has been good and bad. It’s hard to manage the workflow when I’m here with Button alone. But I do have help on most days. It’s just a balance as they say. But the journey to find that balance is never-ending. We had a wonderful and exciting holiday season and it was so fun to see little miss enjoying her family and friends. She does love to be around people which I am thankful for. So here are some pics of our girl. And I do hope to finish a few entries I’ve been working on for some newly pregnant friends who have been asking for more updates. Specifically, I hope to get a good list of must have’s for that first year. So, look out for that! I hope this post finds you all well, happy and healthy in this wonderful new year! xo

from our holiday card shoot:




Beatnik Poet Look: Holiday 2012



Hanging in the city: Winter 2012/13


Halloween Butterfly


Coloring 2013


Being Cute 2012:



Family Shot: Holiday 2012


Having a smoothie to feel better during the various illnesses that plagued the family 2012/13


Snowday Jan 2013:



Spaghetti Kisses: 2013




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Queen of the World!

On that climbing habit I mentioned…..

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well helloooo there..

My goodness, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted! Well, you know, life and what not gets in the way. But I do want to get back in the habit of posting regularly and several of you old so and so’s have inquired about new posts. So here I am!

It’s been quite a summer. Traveling, visiting friends and family and it went in a blink of an eye. In addition, G and I have been super busy bees working at jobs and extra-curricular activities and it all just seems to be speeding by. Do you feel this way? With a baby, somehow it seems to go even quicker. One day, she’s a sweet little nugget who sits still and the very next day, she’s a tornado whipping through our world – touching and grabbing everything, hiding wedding rings in a change jar, throwing remotes in the toilet, climbing on counters/chairs/stools whatever she can find to wrap her leg around and hoist herself up on. Screaming for help when she can’t get down. Being so funny and entertaining, that we can’t get anything done, except to sit and play with her cause she is just so darn cute and interesting.

But through the days, I’ve learned a few things about myself and how I am growing  into an actual real live parent. I’ll share them here, and please don’t think I am giving advice, I am just sharing. And I would love to hear how you all have grown and what works for you when days get tough.

YOU MUST LIVE IN THE MOMENT…..It’s been said over and over and I never paid much mind to it. But  I’ve gotten back to my regular yoga practice which has been wonderful and has given me this great outlook. Every time I am feeling overwhelmed with little Miss’s fits or glance around at our apartment and see dustballs, dishes piled up and laundry over-flowing….or see my LONG to-do list for my business…or remember that I have a deadline or four for some freelance work….or catch my reflection in the mirror and realize I haven’t bathed/brushed teeth/ hair/no make-up and scare the bejesus out myself… I remember. I remember what I learn on my mat…to take a deep breath and to let the breath out slowly and release the negative thoughts and energies that are flowing endlessly through my head and come back to reality. I also learned to set an “intention” for each class. Most certainly. for me, my intention will always be something physical for class – “be energetic” or “take longer exhales”, etc.  But I’ve started practicing “intentions” or for me “good thoughts” in life as well…I am a lucky girl. With an amazing husband, healthy happy baby, a supportive family, great friends, a wonderful apartment in the greatest city ever, and a growing business.  It sounds so hokey, I know. But for me, it takes the edge off of frustration. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I take 10 seconds and breathe and look around my environment and find one thing that I like, one “good thought” Sometimes, it’s the little freckle on Button’s neck, sometimes it might be a photograph, sometimes it’s a neat building in the city I’ve never noticed before and sometimes it’s as simple as looking at my toes and seeing a bright color I’ve just polished them with. I focus on that thing quickly and with the “intention” to bring a good thought into my head. It’s like a light switch for me and I let whatever is bothering me take a back burner for a few quick seconds. And whatever that “good thought” was, it reminds me what is important in this moment. And I come back to reality with a clarity. I can’t say where this came from, I just started doing it one day and it works for me. How do you deal with frustration?

STOP LISTENING….I’ve stopped reading the books and listening to other parents/friends/family/random ladies in the store advice. It’s totally great to have of these resources and I am not saying I’ve shut off all communication on how to raise a healthy, happy,  well-mannered, character-rich little person, but I don’t take the advice to heart anymore. A year ago, if someone said to me, “oh, you’re giving your baby that? No,  you must do this…” or “You do what with your baby? You’re crazy!” I would take that advice and mull it over for hours/days/weeks and think of what I was doing wrong and what a failure I was. Or would pull up any mom site and read articles about “How to make a smart baby” or something  like that and I’d become riddled with anxiety that I am doing something wrong! But how silly, now looking back, I was. What I learned throughout this past year (and especially these last few months as Button’s personality has really shown through) is that we’re all individuals, and especially these tiny humans. So what worked for one baby, might not and probably won’t for another. One example I can think of right away is  sleep training. You could literally spend every waking minute (and there are a lot in that first year) reading and talking about all of the hundreds of methods of sleep training. And I read quite a few books and we tried several methods until we settled into a morphed version of several. And I do believe, this was our first great victory. And the perfect example of how both G and I had to figure out exactly what we needed for our life. If I had listened to some other mom’s shock when I said we let her cry all night one night, but after that one night, she has slept soundly ever since. Or listened to a book that said it was way to early for us to start sleep training, then we could have had months more misery. But we did it at the exact right moment and in the exact right way for us. And it’s worked (this girl sleeps 12-13 full hours a night and takes a 1.5-2 hour nap everyday.) And is happy. And that is all that matters!

PATIENCE…. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless with all that is going on with our crazy hectic lives. And nothing worse than taking that frustration out on Button. She has no idea how to deal with stress yet. And in my opinion, that is one life skill that will always help you. So while I can’t hide the world from her forever, I can for the next few years, teach her that patience and calmness will get you everywhere. When she gets super agitated cause she can’t play with our TV remotes (cause she threw one in the toilet and lost another one.) I practice sitting with her and letting her cry for a bit…I just sit calmly next to her taking a few deep breaths while rubbing her back and letting her get it out and then she calms after a few minutes. And then I reward her with a big hug and a kiss and I find her favorite book and we read and she has a big smile and goes about her business as usual. In that moment, I feel like such a great mom. I feel like I am teaching her that if she has patience, she will get rewarded — maybe not with the exact thing she wants – but in this case something better. (she loves nothing better than being read to!) I am no dummy, I know this won’t always work…but when it does, I feel like I’ve conquered the world!

So, in saying all this, I try and practice all of these daily/hourly/minutely…..I try not to let my brain treat these small victories as it would typically treat the negative, self-questioning thoughts that are always surrounding us.  I practice patience and I take the rewards from that and live in the moment of that victory and let the feeling  last as long as I can possibly stretch it. And as I put sweet girl to sleep each night and I recall all the fun things we did, I be sure to silently pat myself on the back for even the slightest parenting victory….And then I treat myself to some wine! Cheers!


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our new normal

Oh hey, there, I’m back!!! It’s been a crazy few months finding a right balance with freelance work, Oh So Suite and family life…But here we are! A year has gone by in a flash…Our Button is 1!!! We all made it! But I must say, in the past year, our lives have changed. Dramatically. (As they tend to do when you have a new baby!) And some things for the better and some things…well, not for the worst, but just different. I thought I’d list some of our “new normals” off the top of my head….feel free to comment and add to this list as I love hearing how people find the humor in how drastically their lives have changed with kids!

1. I can create a lovely tune to accompany any menial task…”doing the la la”,  “making the bed with a baby in it…making the bed with baby in it…la la la”

2. My bags are packed – and I am not talking about for some wonderful vacation adventure…I’m talking about dark ones under my eyes.

3. A commercial with a baby in it instantly draws my attention and I think it’s cute. Even if it’s for banking, a car or bleach. And then I try and guess how old that baby is…is the baby standing? walking? talking? sitting still – ahhh, remember those days?!

4. I  can do more than I thought with just one hand (pour wine, fold laundry, pour more wine, do the dishes, etc).

5. I ask “what are you eating?” not out of curiousity about whether it’s something good on a menu in some new restaurant and I think maybe I might like to try it…nope, the “what are you eating” in the sense of —  are you going to choke on that? Am I going to have to run over there and fish whatever it is out of your mouth? Is that a dustball?

6. I can constantly clean my house – seriously, all day, yet at the end of day, there are still dishes in the sink and stuff all over the place.

7. A “blow-out” no longer means getting my hair blown dry professionally for a fun night out on the town…it means there is poop all over my baby – seeping out of every end of the diaper. Glamourous!

8. Speaking of poop…the term “Oh Sh*t”no longer holds the same meaning…It literally means, Oh Sh*t…there is sh*t everywhere…on the baby, on the wall, on my hands, on my clothes. everywhere.

9. More sh*t talk…me and G have a running conversation about our babies poop. Is it brown? Is it green? Is it orange? Is it solid? Is it runny? Is there to much? To little? How many? NONE?!?

10. I  can pee, brush my teeth and hair and apply a tiny bit of mascara in under 30 seconds. Time me.

What are your new normals? Please oh please, share!!


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In honor of this book, here are my confessions…

1. I sometimes hum the jeopardy theme to button when I can’t think of any other songs to soothe her to sleep.

2. I keep her in her pajamas all day in hopes she will nap longer.

3. I’ve given her cereal morning, noon and night when I was to exhausted to make anything else.

4. I’ve created a trail of cheerios around the house to keep her busy so I can get a few more minutes of work done….or more perusing on pinterest.

5. After she’s gone to bed, I sometimes decide to have wine for dinner.

So, please do tell your confessions!! I can’t be the only one with these dirty little secrets!!!

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shameless self promotion

Oh So Suite is back up and running, finally! So, as a little self promotion, I’ve included my baby hello’s here. I created them with family in mind. But have been using them as thank you’s and just general hello’s from Button! Any readers can get a 10% discount on these cards, simply by including BUTTON in their order. Happy Monday!

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work buddy

Nothing better than having a cute work buddy to help you with your projects throughout the day! I have the best assistant in the world!

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